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Customer relations

Webstep have a stable, extensive and growing circle of customers across a variety of businesses and industries. Important evidence of our strong market position is the number of framework agreements obtained from our clients.

Full-stack, local deliveries

Webstep continuously develop product offerings to stay at the forefront of customer needs.

Our clients are major corporate businesses within all branches – among others finance, banking, insurance, energy, telecommunications, healthcare, transportation and the software industry. Webstep also holds a wide range of public Framework Agreements, ensuring market access and preferred bidder status on key contracts.

Webstep has gained a prominent market position and a market reputation of delivering high quality and valued added services to clients across a wide range of industries in Norway and Sweden. Our range of services, large number of experts, in combination with our high standards and accurate delivery, position Webstep as a reliable partner and supplier of high end IT services.


Customer satisfaction

Webstep actively serves around 150-200 customers. At the same time the company have a customer-near profile. High customer satisfaction lowers customers churn and is visible through Webstep multiple long-term customer relationships.

Senior teams of business unit managers and advisors ensure in-depth market and industry expertise at all Webstep locations.

Webstep´s balanced, hands-on, yet decentralised management style, combined with strong workplace satisfaction focus, has materialized through multiple Great Place to Work awards.