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Quality conscious and skilled consultants

Webstep employ highly skilled and talented consultants that create quantitative benefits and value for our clients.  Today Webstep constitute a strong company and brand, and an award winning work environment.

Our consultants are affiliated with one of our geographical departments and work out at our client’s premises in their environment, within one or more of our service areas.  We have developed rigorous requirements for competence and personal qualities for those who work within Webstep.  Low turnover and high job satisfaction demonstrate that we have succeeded.

High level of Education

Webstep recruits professionals holding a graduate or masters engineering degree or a graduate computer science degree, as a basis for demonstrating their potential contribution to our company and our clients.

Solid education with impressive grades and a documented ability to translate learning skills and techniques into business results are the key aspects that will benefit our clients.

Extensive experience

On top of our requirement for high education comes the value of comprehensive experience.

Our consultants have an average of more than 14 years industry experience.  They express a great confidence and receive trust among clients and colleagues as well as in the market in general.

Skilled consultants

Our clients appreciate the benefit and value our consultants bring.  In our approach to recruitment, we have assured ourselves that our employees have the right combination of skills and personal qualities to fill this demanding role.

Webstep consultants work within our clients’ organizations and projects. A good consultant integrates within the client’s environment and has the ability to share knowledge and make fellow co-workers feel comfortable around them.