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Otto Backer Solberg

Communications Director, Group management

Otto joined Webstep in 2019 after having worked as the Communications Leader for for IBM in Norway. Through 22 years at IBM, he has held a number of leadership positions in marketing, sales and communications. In recent years he has worked with awareness and external communication, and he has extensive knowledge in how effective communications impact business successfully.

As the Director of Communications at Webstep, Otto is responsible for external communications with a special emphasis on public relations and media for increased visibility and impact both nationally, regionally and locally. In addition he will also be responsible for government relations, support the IR function and work on improving brand reputation for Webstep.

Otto is social by nature and establishes new professional relationships easily. His strength lies in simplifying and clarifying messages, and leveraging various types of media and channels to create the desired effect. Otto has a bachelor degree in International Marketing from NMH.