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Save Asmervik

Webstep CEO ,

Save Asmervik is a civil engineer from NTH (NTNU), Trondheim. He also holds a Digital strategies for business executive education degree from Columbia Business School.

Mr Asmervik has extensive business experience as a Manager and executive direktor, from IBM, EY, and Equinor (Statoil), before entering the position as Regional Director for Webstep Trondheim since 2011. Under the Webstep Trondheim helm, he has developed Webstep Trondheim to become a full service IT consultancy department, both service- and delivery vise, with a strong customer base and substantial framework agreements.

Among his many talents, his tech driven business development skills has, for more than ten years, been performed at the board of the Norwegian Data Association (Dataforeningen, DND). He has also become an acknowledged side kick and mentor for several Tech startups, conferences and meetups. Save has worked closely together with Webstep regional and company managements for å very long time, performing his talents for cooperation, business development and knowledge sharing.